Ratings and Feedback and Reciprocation, Oh My!

Disclaimer-esque thingy: Feedback and Reciprocation: A Question is a post that is an important follow up post to this one.

I recently enabled the “Ratings” feature on my blog, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down arrow on each post, for each reader to basically up-vote or down-vote certain content. While this blog is an outlet for various things that I cannot share elsewhere, it’s also important to me that I’m writing on topics that those of you who have been kind enough to follow me want to hear more about.

Though I enabled the Ratings feature, I discovered that it seems to go mostly unnoticed and, therefore, my “Top Rated” posts aren’t really indicative of anything at this point. I’d like to change that, especially to get a better feel for the kinds of content that my followers are interested in.

So, here’s my request: If you have some time, poke through some entries in the categories I link to below, and use the Ratings feature at the top of each post as you feel compelled to. Thumbs downs are even welcome. I just want to know what is being enjoyed. If you don’t have the time to go through the categories, just leave me a comment telling me what topics you would like to see more or new posts on. I have yet to find something that I cannot throw words at incessantly. 🙂

As a thank you (this would be the reciprocation part), to anyone who comments with a suggestion on this post or leaves multiple ratings, likes, and/or comments because of this post (just let me know you’re doing so, so I know to include you), I will spend a significant time sifting through your blog, and I will pick an entry (I’m also open to suggestions of specific entries), and I will include a link to and a brief synopsis of your post (or blog as a whole), in a post I am planning for next week of great posts, by multiple authors, on a vast array of issues. 

Hopefully this will be a great way to get to showcase an entry or two that you are particularly proud of, as well as providing me with feedback that can facilitate providing my readers with more of the content they (you) really want to see.

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes some time out of their day to read the ramblings of an interesting, anonymous, and rather weird individual. In return, you get this weird individual combing through your blog! What more could you ask for? 😉

Here are categories and topics that I write on frequently, with corresponding links.

Categories and Topics

My ‘Best Of’ Category is where I put the posts I have written that are either among my best from my viewpoint, as well as posts that seem to get an overwhelming response.

#LoveMe Challenge is a writing prompt challenge I am roughly halfway through. I was surprised to see some of my best writing come out of it.

Family Category is where I put posts that are primarily family or parenting related.

Mental Illness Category is home to many of my posts, as mental illness has a profound impact on my life.

Christianity and Faith is pretty self explanatory. All things related to God, faith, and spirituality.

BDSM (Adults Only, Please): This is my category for all my BDSM, D/s, fetish, gender, and sexuality posts. Some are (text wise) NSFW, though there is no nudity and nothing pornographic in nature. Still, Adults Only, please.

Quotations Category is where I put everything from individual quotes to posts with a series of quotes. I’m kind of a quote addict.

Reblogs Category: A wonderful repository of work from other fantastic bloggers, covering a multitude of topics (Some posts in this category may also be NSFW).

The next few listings are for the tags I use the most, according to WordPress. Therefore, there may be some posts in these links that overlap with one or more of the above categories.

Inspirational: While I may have lived most of my life with crippling mental illness, I have somehow managed to hang on to my optimism. As was said in a recent Doctor Who episode, to the Doctor: “Compassion, then. It grows fierce in you, like a cancer. It will kill you in the end.” To which the Doctor responds “I wouldn’t die of anything else.” Compassion, hope, love, and the ability to send those beautiful things out in the world is perhaps my highest aim in life.

Philosophy: I am a layman, but I have always been passionate about philosophy, and I often touch on philosophical concepts and elements in posts about every day life, as well as diving further into certain ideas.

Parenting: I decided to use this tag, even though there will be a lot of overlap with my Family category, because much of my Family category deals with my Dad and my extended family, not parenting specifically.

Writing: At the end of the day, it’s kind of why we’re all here. So it gets a nod at the end.


So, that’s a ridiculously comprehensive guide to pretty much any and all of my entries of note.

To sum up the concept behind this: If you want to participate, please comment, or shoot me an email at anotheranonymousoutsider@gmail.com (so I know whose blogs to pour through). Participation involves wading through a few entries of my blog and utilizing the Ratings System (Thumbs up or Thumbs down) at the top of a couple of posts, or alternatively, commenting on this post (email is also totally acceptable) telling me a topic that you personally would like to hear me blabber about in the future.

As a thank you for anyone who participates, I will read through multiple entries of your blog (either through my own exploration or reading posts you suggest), select a favorite, and each of you will have one of your best and most insightful pieces shared here in a post that I plan to write roughly one week from today, shining a spotlight on awesome entries by awesome people.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

An Anonymous Outsider – The Post That Started It All

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