Through The Ghost

I initially wrote this as a combination of a journal entry and a letter to the sub and the sailor (the sub’s girlfriend and my submissive-esque person – we are still defining it). I am editing it to both redact names and such, as well as adding more information because I think it needs to … Continue reading Through The Ghost


Best Weird Gift.

My husband, knowing I am a Doctor Who fan and also a smoking fetishist, sent me this picture as a Christmas present this morning. Courtesy of Matt Smith's Facebook page. I love having a weird marriage. 🙂 An Anonymous Outsider

“I Wish I Could Have…” On Mathematics and Motivation

"I wish I could have..." I found this thought drifting through my head today, in regards to missing out on my education because I had inadequate support/understanding/treatment for my mental illness. I was talking to the sub about mathematics, until he glazed over because I had traveled out of his interest/knowledge area about it. I … Continue reading “I Wish I Could Have…” On Mathematics and Motivation