Almost Free

In the next few months, I am finally moving out of my childhood home, a place that has always been the source of very complicated and painful feelings for me. I haven't tried my hand at poetry for a long time, but this felt like a good time to try again.   This cage has … Continue reading Almost Free

Through The Ghost

I initially wrote this as a combination of a journal entry and a letter to the sub and the sailor (the sub’s girlfriend and my submissive-esque person – we are still defining it). I am editing it to both redact names and such, as well as adding more information because I think it needs to … Continue reading Through The Ghost

Ratings and Feedback and Reciprocation, Oh My!

Disclaimer-esque thingy: Feedback and Reciprocation: A Question is a post that is an important follow up post to this one. I recently enabled the "Ratings" feature on my blog, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down arrow on each post, for each reader to basically up-vote or down-vote certain content. While this blog is an outlet for … Continue reading Ratings and Feedback and Reciprocation, Oh My!