Feedback and Reciprocation: A Question

First I just want to say thank you to all of you who participated in my “Ratings and Feedback and Reciprocation, Oh My!” blog post/challenge/request. I really appreciate it and I got a bunch of awesome feedback.

Here’s the problem: I’m having trouble making an accurate list of who participated because the Ratings themselves are anonymous, and I am not sure which likes and comments I received on other posts over the following day or two were liked and commented on as part of that challenge, or not. I’m trying to make sure I have an accurate list of the blogs I will be featuring, so if you participated and do not see your blog in this list, please comment below so I can add you to the list and dive into your blog.

Also, because this list is so broad at the moment and I’m not certain who participated or not, and I want to devote as much time as possible to each blog, I WILL ONLY BE INCLUDING BLOGS THAT COMMENT HERE OR CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL SAYING THEY WANT TO BE INCLUDED. If you have already commented directly or told me you want to participate, that’s totally fine (I will put asterisks next to each blog that I already know to include). My email is Oh, and obviously, if you want to be removed from this list, just let me know.





***shelie27 Life In My Tin Can

***cinnamonswirlgirl83 The Secret Self

Chris Nicholas The Renegade Press


***Stars Rain Sun Moon

Blame it on the Donkey


***Send Sunshine





***Lennon Carlyle

***Eric Klingenberg


A Simple Village Undertaker


NJ myesteriousgirlneerja





***Sabah Batul


Surviving Schizophrenia

Mark Bialczak


Cristian Mihai

The Elephant in the Room

The Happy Healthy Kiwi



Words Warrior

Anorexia Revealed

Dennis Cardiff

Franny Cheska


Domme De Plume

Records of the Ohanzee

Gentle Kindness


***Anon Y. Mouse


Daniel Ray




Miss Fanny P.


***Musings of a 20 Something Year Old

please, Please, PLEASE, PLEASE comment or email and let me know if you want to be included. And if I missed you by mistake, please let me know as well. Thanks guys!

An Anonymous Outsider

11 thoughts on “Feedback and Reciprocation: A Question

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  2. Wow! What a list! I will be returning to look at these myself : )
    Very cool, love you much…see short and sweet..well..umm..hahaha ..just kidding..yes, some were me, but you knew that 😉
    xxx -CC

    Liked by 2 people

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