An Anonymous Outsider

You don’t know me. Even if you had met me and shaken my hand in the past, you do not. I know this to be empirically true because I do not know me. I know a lot of things about myself, but they are just that: things about me, not me alone. To know myself fully would mean having answered most of philosophy’s unanswerable questions about the nature of existence, and while I can at times be too impressed with myself, I’m not that impressed with myself just yet.

I have hidden myself from the world even as I walk through it for uncountable reasons, but the primary reason is fear. Fear that no one will understand. Fear that I will face everything from prejudice to rejection to the loss of my life or my freedom. But a silent life is no life at all, and I cannot continue it.

That is this why you are reading this, and why I am and will remain an anonymous outsider. I’m the square peg in the round hole, the black sheep, the mad scientist, the dreamer of impossible dreams.  I am a philosopher, a parent, a child, an artist, an entrepreneur, a spouse, a friend, a Dominant, a slave, a man and a woman, a genius and a madman.

And this is the beginning of my story.

An Anonymous Outsider

To contact me privately, email me at

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  15. I have repressed memories and want them to come out, I think. In the end, is it beneficial? I mean, I know in the long run, it will add a missing piece to the puzzle… not sure how to end that sentence. In my opinion your writing is very good. Not sensational as it could be, instead I find it informative and also reassuring that there is hope for anyone who has the courage to explore their inner selves. You seem to embrace each and every alter and accept them not as alien but as a an equal partner. So glad I found your site.

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