Three Days

It’s been three days since my last blog post. I really feel bad about that, given that since I started this blog, I’ve tried to keep rolling new posts out regularly, usually daily. But sometimes life just throws up all over you and you’ve got to deal with it anyways, blogging and hobbies be damned.

The hub had a tonsil abscess for multiple days, which was really painful for him. Every time he spoke it sounded like The Godfather. Finally it burst and was starting to heal itself, but he still had to spend an extra hundred and fifty bucks just to have a specialist poke it and say “Yes, it’s already healing, you’re right.” Then I got a bladder infection, which luckily my doctor was willing to just call me in an antibiotic for, since I had already shelled out hundreds of dollars on my husband’s health care stuff and we’re both uninsured.

My ex-sub/ex-roommate and I had our final battle. After multiple years together I had to have him move out, and then multiple battles over the following months where he got nastier, more passive aggressive, and somehow even less respectful, all led to me having to tell him last night that we’re done even trying to be friends. I won’t keep allowing myself to be treated like I am the source of all of someone’s problems, and I won’t allow him to continue being verbally and emotionally abusive toward me, and to a lesser extent, the rest of my family. So, there’s been that brewing up.

I’ve also put waaaaay too much time into positing theories about this season of Doctor Who. Like, enough time that it genuinely accounts for part of my absence on here. Which, now that I think about it, could possibly be a bit too much.

Except, well, it’s Doctor Who, so that’s impossible.

Don’t worry, kids. Just an intermission. If you get insanely bored, check out my “Best of” category on my homepage. Thanks!

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