The Autonomy Declaration

Writer's Note: This is part of a much larger post, titled Changes. The Autonomy Declaration This is a pretty major deal for me. The other day, my husband and I were talking and dealing with some issues that had built up over the last couple of years, while we had a different submissive living with … Continue reading The Autonomy Declaration


The last few days have been full of changes. Overwhelming, wonderful, changes. I felt like I couldn't blog because I had SO many different ideas in my head that I couldn't pick any particular one. So I'm just going to kind of throw it all in here together, because that is how it all happened … Continue reading Changes

Sexuality and Masturbation: An Open and Honest Discussion (NSFW)

So, my friends, you know those mornings when you're all by yourself and it's time to turn to your friendly neighborhood personal massager/dominant hand? Today was one of those days. And my lovely massager buddy is a plug in. Batteries? Fuck batteries. When I bought my toy at a local shop I told the clerk … Continue reading Sexuality and Masturbation: An Open and Honest Discussion (NSFW)