What is the impact of Emotional Stress on Intelligence? by Lisa Ann Catano

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Some individuals seem to be intellectually challenged as seen by their responses to everyday life. They are incapable of grasping the most basic stuff. They have trouble expressing themselves in a meaningful way and cannot seem to articulate what is on their minds linguistically. Their interpersonal skills are often slow and they are inclined to be on the introverted side. In society these people are judged, ridiculed and laughed at. They are called inappropriate names like “stupid” and “lazy”, due to their seeming lack of motivation for life. However, this type of discrimination is way off the mark and appears to be reductive to the informed person.

Take a homeless, poverty stricken man who is misinterpreted for being “dumb” because of displaying the above characteristics.  Apparently it is common sense for us to assume that the man is homeless because of a lack of education that could not afford…

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