Cover Song of the Day #2 – and WHY

So, I decided to start doing this the other day, when a particular beautiful arrangement of “Let it go” was brought to my attention by a friend. However, there is much more to my interest in cover songs than I wrote, and I think I should write it out here if I am going to continue doing this.

I recently was wandering around my brain, in the vocal music section, and I found myself wondering why cover songs appeal to me, beyond the potential for improved harmonies and vocals. And I had a bit of a “Sudden Clarity Clarence” moment.

Cover songs are a perfect depiction of what, in my eyes, is the meaning of life (other than 42). Ecclesiastes tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. This means that fundamentally, we don’t create; we adapt. Physics tells us that we cannot interact with or even observe something without changing it. We leave our fingerprints on everything we touch, and I believe that is a truth that transcends the physical realm.

Every song is a cover song. Every idea is inspired by something else. The songs of every person that we meet throughout our lives echo in our ears, and we put our own touch on them, and send that music back into the world, changed irrevocably by our fingerprints.

Our lives are cover songs (or perhaps mashups, depending on how you choose to look at it), built out of pieces and ideas and passions of everyone who has touched us, and each piece is changed when filtered through us. A song, evolving over and over, echoing down through history. So many voices. Humanity; a giant choir that spans space and time.

For today, it felt fitting to share a song that touches me very deeply, by one of my favorite artist’s. Peter Hollens is an incredible vocal musician who does a capella covers, using multi-tracking to harmonize with himself. This is Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire, performed by Peter Hollens. I encourage you to check out the other songs on his YouTube channel as well.

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