A Gift…

I believe that God works in mysterious ways, and not just in the “confusing because He’s being epic” kind of way. I believe that God’s most beautiful, intricate work, is the way he connects tiny threads in every single life, leading each person to where they need to be at any given time for purposes they are often unaware of, while simultaneously balancing such interwoven-ness with the variable of free will. It is that tapestry, His tapestry, that makes me more in awe of Him than anything else.

Through the pen and creative mind of some musicians, who have never heard of me and will never know my name, He wrote me a love song, and put it in my path at the moment when I most needed it. And I want to share it with all the other hurting people out there, like me, that He feels this way toward, in the hopes that He will allow me the honor of being a part of majestic story he is creating.

For the broken, the hurt, the wounded, those who have given up and think that there is nothing for them… this is for you, a love letter written from Him to you as much as it is that to me. Don’t ever give up hope.

An Anonymous Outsider

One thought on “A Gift…

  1. Thank you for the reminder. This song came into my life just over a year ago now, right when I needed it. And again, right when I needed it you have shared it. Thank you.


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