Help from my friends…

I hate that I am writing this. I need money to make it through the week to feed my son.

If there is anyone generous out there, please email me at I have a PayPal account but would like to keep the details off my blog and discuss it privately.

I pray that there is a generous soul out there who can help. Every dollar helps. Right now I am trying to find a way to get food for dinner in the next hour, because I have nothing in the house and no money in the bank. I’m not a person to take advantage of generosity or charity. I just want to feed my son.


5 thoughts on “Help from my friends…

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  2. I am truly sorry that you are going through this rough moment in your life. Unfortunately, I am not in a very good position to be of help right away, but I will offer up a prayer for you. I know how it seems when things are just so down and you don’t know which way to turn. Could you get in touch with a church community outreach around you. They are usually will to assist as much as they can?


  3. I wish I could help as well, I know it’s little comfort. I wanted to tell you though that most everyone has had times like this, whether they admit it or not. Don’t be afraid to ask a neighbor, friend, or family if your child can eat dinner with them, no self-respecting person would say no. I found through my own hard times that it was good to buy a $2, 2 lb canister of Oatmeal or two, to keep around as a last resort for when food ran low. Not much by way of taste, but warm and filling on an empty stomach.

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