One Trip In The Tardis (A Thought Experiment)

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Tardis is a time machine from an amazing British Sci-Fi show called Doctor Who. It can travel to any point in time and space. So forget needing roads or getting up to 88 miles per hour, and being stuck in Hill Valley forever: you can go to any planet, any civilization in the past or the future of our race or any other in this universe, and once in a while, a parallel or alternate one.

Here’s the catch: The Doctor (whose Tardis this is) is offering you one round trip, but no more. Just one trip. You can stay there for a while, perhaps even change certain events, but when you’re done, he brings you right back to where and when you were on Earth previously (assuming you didn’t step on the wrong butterfly and prevent the creation of the Earth or something, which the Doctor assures you he will attempt to prevent you from doing). The Doctor also tells you that he will not allow you to do anything involving making yourself or someone else filthy rich, and lottery tickets and sports almanacs are absolutely out of the question. It cannot be for financial gain, and this Doctor fellow is strongly against violence, so if your motivation is along the lines of killing someone, he probably isn’t going to take you anywhere.

So, where and when do you choose? What’s the one moment or event or culture you would want to experience, or perhaps change? What would you do with this one time opportunity?

I’ve heard a lot of interesting answers to this question, ranging from the creation of the universe to a Roman orgy (and those answers both came from the same person, no less). After all, there are virtually infinite answers, and no wrong ones.

Please leave your answers in the comments, as I would love to hear where and when you would choose and why. In the meanwhile, private as mine may feel to me, I’m going to share my choice.

To anyone who is familiar with Doctor Who might note that my choice has some similarities to an episode with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler called Father’s Day.

If I had just one trip, only one chance, there is only one way I could see myself using it. I would go back to the day my Dad died.

I’m sure most people who would want to go back in time because of a death would want to save the person. I guess I’m a little different in that regard. The heart attack that ended my Dad’s life was the last in a line of many, and while I would give anything for just one more day with him, I also know that he went when he did for a reason, and that even if he had been already in a hospital when he had the heart attack, another one would have taken him soon after either way. There’s one thing I would give even more to have though, more than one more day with him, or even another year.

I wish I could have been there. That he hadn’t been alone. That would be my Tardis trip. To go back to that morning, in the parking lot at his work, to hold his hand while he called 911 and got in the ambulance. To hear the last words that he said. And more than anything, for him to have known that he wasn’t alone, to have seen his only child’s face at the end, when I know that’s what he would have wanted.

The creation of the universe sounds interesting. Seeing the future of the human race would be incredible. But nothing would mean more to me than getting the chance to say goodbye.

An Anonymous Outsider

P.S. Please leave what you would do with your Tardis trip in the comments. Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “One Trip In The Tardis (A Thought Experiment)

  1. Very interesting! I am not seen Doctor Who so thanks for the quick intro.
    Your Tardis Trip brought a tear !
    I have one incident but that would change the course of my life, so I am not sure Doctor would approve. So I will choose one where I refused a date with a nice Spanish guy (during my Spain Trip) , just because I wasn’t ready at that time and I was afraid. My Tardis Trip would be to go back and get that date done 🙂

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  2. I have loved the Doctor right back to the black and white Pilot movie with the old man and the two children. Sadly my wife is not a fan and I cannot wrest the TV controller out of her hands and have lost track. But you asked when?
    I had the thought – The Resurrection-

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    • And as a woman who resisted doctor who for a long time before becoming a huge fan, it’s all about finding the right episode for the right person. For me, it was A Christmas Carol with the 11th Doctor, because I have loved the classic Dickens story since I was a little girl, and how they were able to twist a classic story into something new, while still staying true to the heart of the original grabbed me and I was hooked.


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