Understanding the submissive’s position

It’s nice to see another person who enjoys both sides without minimizing either. And here I thought I was the only one! Reblogging. Thanks for sharing!


I’m often asked how do I understand position of the submissive. if I am purely dominant, but how can I possibly understand what goes through a submissive’s mind as he interacts with his goddess. The unique aspect of my life is that I fully understand this listens position because I to live my life as a submissive. don’t get me wrong, I am a dominatrix, however that is the people outside of my every day relationship. in my daily life, I am submissive to a wonderful master. and to be honest, it’s the position in life that I cherish most. I love taking care of his needs, I love anticipating what it is that he wants, and most of all, I truly enjoyed the sexual satisfaction I get from being his submissive. what I love about our interaction as dominant and submissive, is that not only do I get to…

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