the “frigid” wife

Even if you’re not a BDSM lifestyler, you can learn a lot from this, I guarantee it. Great read, and thank you for sharing this!

domme de plume

I often work with couples.  It’s one of the more rewarding aspects of being a pro Domme.  I love facilitating that discovery, and encouraging growth and exploration.  But every once in a while, I lose one.

This story has a moral.  I’m going to give you the moral in advance.  Kind of like eating dessert first.  Are you ready?  Here goes:  Getting kinky isn’t necessarily gonna help you work out your kinks.   BDSM isn’t a magic bullet.   Not only will it not compensate for lack, it can cause further complication.

*Archie brought his wife Edith to the dungeon for a session.  At first glance: 40s-50s, working middle class.  Edith sat with her feet primly together, hands folded.  Tight lipped, tense through the shoulders.  By contrast, Archie sat down in the middle of the sofa, his arm draped across the back, his legs open.  He did all the talking…

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