Months and Associations

Someone I follow decided to post this and had people leave their list in the comments. After writing mine out, I still posted the comment, but I realized I had put enough time into writing it that I might as well post it here as well.

So, the prompt or idea or what-have-you is to list the months of the year in order by your favorite, with an association, memory, or reason for why. In Which I Rank The Months, Because Why Not. Thanks to John Scalzi for helping me avoid cleaning my room. 🙂 My list follows, share yours in the comments below.

Why the heck not? It sounds like more fun than cleaning my bedroom, which is what I am theoretically supposed to be doing.

1 – April – I love watching the way the world comes back to life, weather back and forth, as if summer and winter were playing tug of war for control. It makes me all nostalgic. Possibly because of a Rod McKuen poem about being an “April Man”.
2 – September – September is the most rollercoaster-y of all the months for me, containing both my son’s birthday and the date of my father’s passing. But somehow, all that emotion, even through the up and down, and even the pain, is an experience that is ripe with life and intensity.
3 – December – Christmas became magical to me as an adult again when I became a mom, regaining much of it’s childhood splendor because I seemed to watch it through his eyes now. Also, driving around on a snowy night looking at Christmas lights on the trees and houses.
4 – June – It’s been forever since I was in school, but there is still a feeling of imminent release into summer that lingers, forever associated with June for me. It still feels like anticipation.
5 – January – It has my birthday, but that’s honestly not really why I even like it. I like the feeling of winter having completely sunk into the land, the air, the water; a feeling of deep, deep night.
6 – October – My husband would dress up in costumes every day of his life if it were socially acceptable for him to do so, so Halloween is a lot of fun at my house. He and the kiddo both end up with like 7 different costumes that they are wearing around the house all month.
7 – July – July makes me lazy and nocturnal. I want to lay around and do nothing, and sleep through the day and stay up all night, sitting on my bench swing in the backyard, chain smoking and looking up at the stars, or into the darkness of the woods. July nights are hot enough that I would stay outside all night every night if I could.
8 – May – I love the weather but the month doesn’t do much for me in and of itself, other than one distinctly pleasant anniversary.
9 & 10 – February and March – Both months make me restless, somehow subtly agitated under my skin. No idea why.
11 – August – I have multiple family birthdays in that month, and it’s back to school, and it’s just non stop wall to wall busy every year. Makes me want a month long nap afterwards.
12 – November – All about endings, loss, and entropy, and the bleakness of the weather kind of seeps into me.

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