Meet My Twin

As someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as Depression and Anxiety… wow. This was such a good way to express those feelings. Thank you for posting.

Sanity Not Included

My twin and I were born the same year, month and day. We were raised apart. In most of life, I never saw her. I didn’t know she existed, but she was always there. She went to sleep with me every night and put the world on top of my chest. She accompanied me to my corner and made me cry telling me stories of a world I wasn’t part of. She was my best friend…I just didn’t know. You see, I only saw my twin in my dreams and when I looked in the mirror. I just didn’t know it was her. I’m still the only one that can see her.

Sometimes my twin leaves me for a while but I always know she’ll come back. I wish she wouldn’t but the familiarity of her presence is almost comforting. It’s almost comforting to cry for no reason, to panic…

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