Guide To Dealing With Mental Illness(Loved ones)

This is one of the better guides for loved ones I’ve ever read. Thank you. Reblogging.

Sanity Not Included

  • Be supportive.

Therapy and medication are effective but nothing is more effective than support in the long run. A person who is mentally ill is less likely to relapse if they know and feel that they have support(in whatever form it comes). Also, do not use your support as a weapon. In arguments don’t bring up the fact of how supportive you’ve been. It makes the point that unless you have something to gain, you won’t be supportive.

  •  Be gentle but firm.

One of the biggest mistakes made by loved ones when trying to deal with mental illness is to be “too soft” or “too hard”. It doesn’t matter what the illness is, the rule is the same. You need to set clear boundaries when it comes to give and take.You just can’t do it in a way that makes the person feel bad about themselves. One side can’t give…

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