And for tonight, the Dominant gets to be the slave. -subby smiles-

Update 20 minutes later: I may spontaneously combust from suspense. And I love it. 🙂

25 minutes: I’m dying here. And somehow this fact is insanely hot.

33 minutes: this is what I love and hate about being a switch who is mainly a Dom. Now I’m wondering if he’s mindfucking me with the wait, because that’s what I would be doing and I taught him. But he knows that I know that. It’s very The Princess Bride ” clearly I cannot choose the wine in front of me.”

Gotta go!

Half time break update: wow, I can’t believe we’re not done. I’ve been shaking for the last half hour or so. The haze is just starting to clear, and then I get to go right back in. I love my life. 🙂

Over an hour later: shitty thing about being a Dom, who is bottoming. We’re overly attentive to how well our top is performing, because that’s usually our role. -sigh- everything has its upsides and downsides. Adjusting my headspace a bit to being focused on being pleasing, like I was earlier.

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