You’re Stronger Than You Think

Wonderful read. Thank you.


One of the most positive things a psychologist has ever said to me is “I work for you.”

I don’t take that as an impersonal approach to our relationship, I take that as someone handing me the reigns for my treatment. It’s not about what the DSM says I should behave like, it’s not about what meds my previous therapist thought I should be on, it’s not about what my parents or friend or boyfriend says; it’s not even what she, as a psychologist, says. It’s about what I say, what I want to do, where I want to go. And if I don’t know that yet, it’s alright; it’s my job to find it.

When you go into a pdocs office or a counselors office and they say “how can I help you today?” Don’t take a defensive stance. Guess what? Even if you walk in and say straight…

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