Faith and Humanity

I left this as a comment on a post that I found, about the picture of the little refugee boy, dead on the beach. It led me to recommending a video that I love, that helps give me faith in humanity when it’s hard to find it, and I felt that the comment and the video belonged together, here, as it’s own post. Enjoy.

I love finding common ground with those of other faiths. So often we focus on our differences, but there is so much more that we all know to be the same, and I think we often miss that because the focus is on our differences instead of our commonalities.

One dead child is a tragedy. Any child. Every child. So why does it have to be millions before people start caring, start acting? Why is one person suffering a tragedy, but billions suffering the norm?

Perhaps the real question is, why is it so simple to care in theory, yet so hard to get people to care in a real way that leads to action?

An Anonymous Outsider

3 thoughts on “Faith and Humanity

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