resignation or realisation?

One of the best descriptions of self harm urges I’ve ever read. Trigger warning, of course.

the conflicted christian

*This post deals with self harm. Please don’t read if you find these topics difficult.

When you already feel as though you’re drowning. When you already know you’re past the point. And you’re dreaming that it’s your blood filling the bath, there isn’t much hope left to find… except while you’re gripping that blade and you keep telling yourself,
‘tomorrows another day’
Is it with resignation or realisation?

Tomorrows a new day… cut.

Tomorrow I can decide to choose a different coping mechanism… cut…

Tomorrow… cut…

Tomorrow… God might deliver me from this addiction… cut…

Who am I kidding?… cut…

Tomorrow I might prove myself wrong… cut…

Or Right… cut…

The more I …cut… the more I feel
The only safe place is where I have my tattoo… I want another one…. I need to save a place …cut

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