An Anonymous Outsider

You don’t know me. Even if you had met me and shaken my hand in the past, you do not. I know this to be empirically true because I do not know me. I know a lot of things about myself, but they are just that: things about me, not me alone. To know myself fully would mean having answered most of philosophy’s unanswerable questions about the nature of existence, and while I can at times be too impressed with myself, I’m not that impressed with myself just yet.

I have hidden myself from the world even as I walk through it for uncountable reasons, but the primary reason is fear. Fear that no one will understand. Fear that I will face everything from prejudice to rejection to the loss of my life or my freedom. But a silent life is no life at all, and I cannot continue it.

That is this why you are reading this, and why I am and will remain an anonymous outsider. I’m the square peg in the round hole, the black sheep, the mad scientist, the dreamer of impossible dreams.  I am a philosopher, a parent, a child, an artist, an entrepreneur, a spouse, a friend, a Dominant, a slave, a man and a woman, a genius and a madman.

And this is the beginning of my story.

An Anonymous Outsider

To contact me privately, email me at

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